How To Get Back Your Ex Wife – Turn Your Relationship Around

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It hurts when your spouse has left after all the good times you two spent together. You may feel lost and insecure after losing that special person, but sometimes the situation is worse. If you truly loved your ex wife and separation was the last thing on your mind, then you probably wish to get back with her. But you need to make sure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated by the both of you for a successful relationship.

It can never be a one-sided story

The first thing that you need to understand before getting back with your ex wife is that it is not possible that it was only one person’s fault. Both the people in a relationship are responsible for the break up and the sooner you learn this, the better. Give your ex wife the time to realize her mistakes, while you ponder over yours. During this period, try to change those bad habits and try to be a better person.

Keep communication at a low

You don’t always have to call your ex wife to show that you care. You can send in text messages or mails so that you do not appear needy. Keep close attention to what your wife says and how she feels. This may say a lot about the chances you two have of being together.

Make her feel emotionally secure

Women become very vulnerable after break ups and need someone they could talk their heart out with. Be there for your ex wife and give her emotional stability by listening to her and making her feel better. Remember, you are doing it as a friend and not as a husband. Do not try to use your authority over her or act like you still have a say in her life.

Flirt a little

Making a woman feel beautiful is the best way to win her heart. Flirting will also keep you from entering her friends’ zone completely. Make her feel beautiful and she will take that as a positive sign. However, make sure that she does not feel awkward with it. If she is comfortable it is a green signal, but if not, then spend more time with her to stay emotionally connected.

Mention good memories

By reminding your wife of the good times you two had, you are erasing the bad memories from her mind. Make her laugh and feel comfortable. Show that you care and if she gives you a chance, you can make her the happiest woman in the world.

Don’t waste your time if you don’t care enough

Only try to get back with your ex wife if you are really willing to make some sacrifices. If you are doing it just for the sake of finding something to do, you should probably start dating other women. Getting your wife back and not being able to live up to your promises will lead to further heartbreak and fights. And remember, if you mess it up the second time, you may never be able to fix it again. So be sure of your needs.

Give her the space to make a decision

If you have already communicated your feelings and your desire to get back with your ex wife, then you should probably wait for her decision now. Don’t show up outside her door every other night or send expensive gifts. You don’t have to force it, if it is love, it is meant to be. If she wants to see other men, let her. If she wants to stay alone, be fine with it.

Settle with your past

If you keep bringing up the wrong things she did when you two were together then there is no chance that she will ever have a soft corner for you. Be understanding and don’t let ego ruin this chance for you. Let her know you have learnt from the past and have no intentions of repeating them.

Wait for her call

After you have completed all the steps, you need to go into a hiding for a while. This will make your ex wife curious and if she cares enough, she will try to find out where you are lost and what you are up to. If she does, spill your heart out and tell her you miss her!

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